Live life the Napolitan way

Have you been to Naples before? Have you lived the Napolitan way?
We don’t think you have! And you’ve missed out!

Here’s your chance.

Take the opportunity to come to Naples and submerge in the Napolitan life for a week. We will treat you like a friend and take you to the places that are not commonly visited by tourists but which you must see! We will show you the right places to eat, the best places to shop, the ultimate spots for a drink at night, all In Napolitan style!

But that’s not all! If you fancy it you can learn Napolitan words and expressions by taking a Napolitan course in which you will learn famous Napolitan expressions like cazzimma and sfaccimm and better still, you can take a cooking class Napolitan style! You will be taught how to cook a good pasta, prepare a wonderful pizza, or bake the best pastiera by a real ‘mamma napolitana’!

To round off this Napolitan lifestyle week you will receive a certificate that shows how Napolitan you really are.

Come to Naples, enjoy the city, feel the friendship, be the citizen!

Live the Napolitan life. INFOLINE 3351603244